*Attention Horsemen*

November 23, 2020


Dear Horseman,

                Our 2021 racing season is quickly approaching! We would like to thank you for a successful 2020 season given the many last minute changes and accommodations we had to make regarding COVID-19 restrictions. We could not have done it without each and every one of you.


                Our race dates have been scheduled and are posted on our Calendar page. The Hadley-Giles Futurity nomination form is attached on our site under 'FORMS' and payments start on the 15th of December 2020. The remainder of our nomination forms will go out next month and those payments do not start until January and February 2021. As always once forms are finalized they will also be posted on our website and Facebook page.


                Due to state budget cuts for COVID-19, our funding from the state has been cut by 25%.  While have great representation that fights for us, this cut does affect the added money to our races.  We are asking you, our horsemen, if you or anyone you may know are interested in sponsoring our 2021 race season please reach out to an UQHRA board member.  We have a sponsorship form on our website, and we would be happy to reach out to any business interested in sponsoring.


For any questions regarding payments, please contact Angi Kellett or Savana Canales.


Thank you,

Savana Canales

UQHRA Secretary

T: 208-871-8567 

E: uqhrasavana@outlook.com 

Angi Kellett

UQHRA Treasurer

T: 801-391-8345

E: akellettuqhra@gmail.com

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